How today’s city workers are getting high without the hangover

It’s 6.30am and City Vibe are raving – but this is no after-party, this is ‘early morning clubbing’.

Here in Bethnal Green at The Oval Space, young professionals are coming through the doors in droves, clad in onesies, headdresses and glitter, ready to start their day with a dose of ‘conscious clubbing’.


The warehouse before the ‘conscious clubbing’ begins

Morning Gloryville is an immersive, invigorating, early morning dance experience – and is taking London by storm. It’s the group’s 21st birthday this month, and they’re celebrating in style.

“You get every type of person here”, founder Sam Mayo told City Vibe.

“Bankers, lawyers, nurses, students. It’s a sober dance experience with theatrics, free massage, yoga, superfood smoothies, coffee, unicorns dancers, you know there’s lots that happens here!”

The clubbers in full swing

The clubbers in full swing

It’s clear that this raving experience, the only shots available are espresso.

So why do people come along? Listen below to City Vibe chatting to ravers post-party:

If you want to find out more, visit their Facebook page.

Would you consider an early morning rave before work? Or is it stark raving mad? Tweet us @CityVibeRadio or let us know in the comments!

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