Anonymous Barnet winner of £1.8m lottery prize still yet to claim fortune

A lottery ticket worth a cool £1.8 million pounds is languishing unclaimed at Lotto HQ – even after it was revealed that the lucky winner bought it in Barnet.

The anonymous ticket-holder has already missed out on nearly £3,000 in interest – had they cashed it on the day they won – which is about one hundred pounds a day. That’s nearly double the minimum wage.

national lottery

And the six month final deadline for claiming the cash is drawing closer. If the money isn’t claimed before then, it’ll go into the Lottery’s charity fund, which distributes it to causes across the country.

Recent recipients in Barnet include the RAF Museum.It scooped up £4.8million for a full refurbishment.

A local scout group got money for camping equipment, and a theatre company used £9000 to put on a production at Wigmore Hall.

City Vibe headed to Golders Green to see what locals thought of the missing ticket, and its potential charitable destination.

We hit the streets of Golders Green

We hit the streets of Golders Green

Listen below to City Vibe‘s package on the hunt for the missing ticket!



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