Biz and tech round-up with Ashna Hurynag

Travellers have demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice comfort and convenience for cheap airfares.


Now this low-cost ethos is extending into the cockpit, with budget airlines chasing the lowest pay, and most relaxed work rules for pilots.

Discount carriers in Europe are choosing to hire pilots through outside employment agencies, in order to cut costs and save money.

So far, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Ireland’s Ryanair amongst others, admit to operating under unusual hiring schemes.

While rival discounters in Europe such as EasyJet and Germanwings, choose to hire most pilots under traditional contracts.

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Who remembers AOL?

Computer screen macro

The dial-up internet service is still trying to save the company’s reputation.

But with competitors such as Sky and Virgin Media – the media firm is struggling to reach subscribers.

The company is instead investing in digital companies who have chosen to make the internet service their main broadband server.

This has meant that AOL dial-up, have predicted they’ll make five-hundred and sixty two million dollars next year purely based on the loyalty of those companies.

In tech news, Google have launched a health feature for smart phones – that provides information about specific medical conditions.


The facility provides medical illustrations, possible treatments, and more.

The firm have said it worked with doctors to develop the service, but adds that it is not intended to replace visits to a professional.

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